Natural Graphite

Natural Graphite

The natural graphite has two basic form: amorphous as black graphite and crystalline form with flake structure (silver graphite). Because of unique propedies, such as: high chemical and thermal resistance, good thermal and electrical conductance also self-lubricating, the graphite has attained significance in modern industry.

Amorphous graphite

Amorphous graphite, delivered as powder, is designed to prepare powders and separating coatings in the foundring and metallurgy. It can be used either in form of powder or in form of a water dispersion. It is an excellent dry lubricant, economical separator of casting models and casting-mould.

Flake graphite

Large-sized-flake graphites with visible flake structure and specific metallic luster. These grahites are used as component of sealing and refractory materials and in foundry.

Graphite as micropowder

Micropowders based on flake graphite of a high purity, designed for components of graphite lubricants. Successfully are also used as modifing additives for plastics, paints and colloidal solutions.