Fibreglass Tape for Insulation Uses

Fibreglass Tape for Insulation Uses

The special fibreglass for high temperature application is produced from a mixture of quartz sand and pure alumina with the addition of alkali oxides. Appropriately selected chemical composition and surface preparation protect them of hot gases and aggressive chemicals influence and enable long work in high temperatures, there is ST basic yarn type.

For the same insulating applications could be use E-glass fibre too. After relaxation and preparation the E-glass gives SE yarn type, which can be use for more smooth and flexible final products with higher resistance to wear under dynamic conditions.

ParameterST fibreSE fibre
Diameters7 - 15 μm4 - 11 μm
SiO2 contents64-70%52-58%
Strength1800 MPa2100 MPa
Melting point750°C840°C
Density2,50 g/cm32,56 g/cm3

The table shows the comparison of data ST fibre with E-glass isolation fibre.

At the next stage the fibreglass roving is formed by texturing and twisting process to bushy insulation yarns with various sizes, from 600 up to 5000 TEX. The textured yarns are the base of all kinds of textile insulations as woven, knitted, braided materials, such as tapes, cloths, cords, ropes, sleeves.

Sizes and kind of packaging

The tapes is supply in roll with standard length 30 meters in carton box around 20 kilos can be done both on pallet with weight around 1 ton and in carton box around 40 kgs according to below table:

Size TxWDia. of rollweight g/m2
1.5 x 25 mm28960
1.5 x 40 mm28960
1.5 x 50 mm28960
3.0 x 40 mm381600
3.0 x 50 mm381600
3.0 x 75 mm381600
3.0 x 100 mm381600
5.0 x 25 mm542600
5.0 x 40 mm542600
5.0 x 50 mm542600
5.0 x 75 mm542600
5.0 x 100 mm542600

The types of ST glass tapes

There are few types of glass tapes, depend of weaving style and kind of application.

ST550 P – The webbing type with plain weave and high tensile strength, made of pure texturized glass yarn. This is basic glass tape for general heat insulation and for reinforcing and coating other soft insulations. The tape is available with additional feature as coating reflective alufoil, red silicon elastomer also with metal wire reinforcement.

ST550 L – The ladder tape woven with wrap yarns missing in the centre, the gap is around 25% of the tape wide. This tape is designed for sealing gases on flange with bolts and it gives easier installation and does securing fasteners in bolt line.

ST550 A - The webbing type with plain weave and high tensile strength in additional with self-adhesive surface.

Areas of application

The first of all, the ST and SE glass tapes are use as insulating and sealing material, especially as a substitute and equivalent of previously used asbestos textile. Energy production, metallurgy and other kind of industry are the domain of application this material. They use it in isolations of blocks, industrial furnaces, heavy machinery as gas seals, shields, varies kind of pads also as carrier material for roller conveyors.

Main properties of semi-finished fibreglass products

Property / TypeUnitST550 tapeSE600 tape
Max working temperature°C550600
Bulk density ρg/cm30.9 - 1.21.1 - 1.6
Thermal conductivity λ at 400°CW/mK0.130.16
Ignition loss at 400°CW/mK< 1.5 %< 2.5 %
Tensile strengthMPa350420