Full-Braided Insulation Rope

Full-Braided Insulation Rope


Full-braided IsoGlass ropes are manufactured from medium temperature texturised continuous fiberglass yarns. The textured ST type yarn has a low weight and excellent thermal and anti-vibration properties and is designed specially for insulation applications. The range of sizes and production capabilities of ropes is very wide, are available all rectangular and round profiles between 4 mm to 75 mm The ropes are braided with a square braid up to 10mm dimension and a triple-weave and fourfold-weave braiding for larger sections. The ropes can be graphited or coated in silicon elastomer if required.


The IsoGlass ST rope has an exceptionally high mechanical strength and good resistance for most chemicals in range 3-14 pH, is stable at medium temperatures up to 550°C and it has a resistance of thermal shocks. Moreover it has the low thermal conductivity and the low coefficient of heat accumulation, it gives significant energy savings in cyclically-operated equipment. The fiberglass is a product of molten sand, therefore is environment friendly and can be easily recycled.


The IsoGlass rope ST 550 is economical and very useful in varies kind of application. The first of all, fibreglass ropes are use as thermal insulation, gas-seals and padding in medium temperature applications, especially as a substitute and an equivalent of previously used asbestos ropes. The main domain of application for this material industry, they use it in isolations of blocks, industrial furnace doors, heavy machinery as gas seals, shields, varies kind of pads.


The insulation ropes are delivered wound up on scrolls in 20 kgs carton box with size 560x280 and 200 mm hight. For smaller section on 4 x 5 kgs scroll, middle section on 2 x 10 kgs and for the biggest on 20 kgs scrolls. Regular orders are delivered on pallet with net weight 960 kgs.

Range of sizes

General range of sizes in round, rectangular and square profiles are available on stock. The tables show a ratio for evaluation demand in kilograms and minimal length on standard scrolls, the rectangular is integrated with square profiles in one table. However, the range of sizes and production capabilities of the ropes is very wide, there is possibility to get other profiles, based on specific needs of customers.

Round [mm]D6D8D10D12D15D20D30D40D50
Ratio m/kg3017,611,48,85,53,21,40,80,5
Packaging ctn.4x5 kgs2x10 kgs1x20 kgs
Min. length m15088114885532141610
Rectangular [mm]9x1210x2015x3020x4035x75
Ratio m/kg8,44,42,51,10,4
Packaging ctn.2x10 kgs1x20 kgs
Min. length m844425118
Square [mm]S4S5S6S8S10S12S15S18S20S25S30S40S50S60S75
Ratio m/kg483022138,46,64,432,51,61,10,630,40,280,18
Packaging ctn.4x5 kgs2x10 kgs1x20 kgs
Min. length m240150110658466443025161112,585,53,5