High Temperature Structural Graphite

High Temperature Structural Graphite

Product overview

The SG 670 and 690 types of graphite is a high temperature structural graphite with good properties, especially: high purity, thermal resistance, good mechanical strength and electrical conductivity in high temperature. This graphite is manufacture in pressed blocks and rods forms with medium grained structure, which ensure smooth surface on level Ra 2,5 of final elements.


The SG graphites fulfils the high criteria of durability and resistivity. Among the main SG properties should be notice:

  • Medium grain structure with good finished surface.
  • Good resistance to wetting by the molten metal.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and heat removal.
  • High resistance of thermal shock up to 2500°C.
Parameter / TypeStandardUnitSG 670SG 690
Bulk densityASTM C838-96g/cm31,721,65
PorosityASTM C559-90%2024
Grain sizeSEM detectorμm<800<800
Flexural strengthASTM C651MPa13,58
Compressive strengthASTM C695MPa3018
Young moduleASTM C469-94GPa108
Shore D hardness-SHD3530
Resistivity S.R.E.ASTM C611-69μΩm7 - 99 - 11
Thermal conductivityASTM E1225-9W/mK140110
Thermal expansion CTE at 100°CASTM E228-1110-6/K3,52,9
Carbon content (purity)ASTM C561-91%99,999,7
Maximum block sizes-mm800x500x1800400x400x1800

Typical impurities

Graphite contains carbon and ash only, this is the ash analyse:

Contains max.AlBCaFeNiSiTiVTotal ash