Flexible Graphite Sealing Tapes

Flexible Graphite Sealing Tapes

Product description

Graflex sealing tapes series are made of high purity graphite foil, which has extremal pressure and thermal resistance. This material is expanded and reinforced by planar orientation process, which gives it suitable mechanical properties, as flexibility, compressibility and strength. The tape is manufactured in four option, such as:

  • Plain tape G05 or 9 with smooth surface.
  • Plain adhesive tape GA5 or 9 with glue.
  • Corrugated tape K09 with wavy surface.
  • Corrugated self-adhesive tape KA9.

The plain tape is designed to making spiral wound gaskets and preparing straight line seals, axial or light radius seals. The special corrugated tape is designed for middle and small diameters flange seals, when the tape must be installed with more turn. The tape allows to montage instant seals directly on installation without any delay connected with preparing a special sized gasket.

Main properties

Graflex tapes have the same excellent sealing characteristics as graphite high pressure gaskets and foil. The same wide range of chemical resistance and the same high working temperatures scope. Among the most important properties of graphite tapes should point out the following:

  • Stability in high temperatures to 900°C and high resistance of a thermal shock.
  • Excellent thermal conductance.
  • The resistivity of extremal high pressure.
  • Full chemical resistance, except of strong oxidisers, as liquid oxygen or aqua regia.

Moreover, the Graflex tape is safe for human health and environment material, is made of natural flake graphite, which is 100% natural form of carbon. Undoubtedly, this is the modern, safe, ecological as well as the economic solution with the huge potential of development in a sealing industry.

Range of standard dimensions

Graflex tapes is available in the following standard dimensions:

Type, thick [mm]Range of widths [mm]Length [m]
G05 - 0.510, 15, 20, 2550
G09 - 0.910, 15, 20, 2525
GA5 - 0.510, 15, 20, 2520
GA9 - 0.910, 15, 20, 2510
K09 - 0.92020
KA9 - 0.910, 15, 20, 2515

Areas of applications

Sealing for flanges, lids, covers and interfaces for virtually all existing media. Graflex tapes allows you to seal flanges with inner diameters from 75 mm and upwards. Graflex tapes is a very economical and easy-to-handle soft gasket for virtually all existing flange models. The Graflex tapes is very easy to work with, i.e. you can apply the gasket directly on the flange with ease. No risk of cutting injuries as there is no metal reinforcement.