Graphite Composite Sealant Tapes

Graphite Composite Sealant Tapes

General information

Graphite sealing tapes series are made of composite of high purity graphite yarn and metal wire, which has extremal pressure and thermal resistance. This material is expanded and reinforced by linear orientation process and by addition of the special high-temperature alloy wire, which gives it suitable mechanical properties, as flexibility, compressibility and strength. The tape is manufactured in two options, as:

  • HTR tape is made of overbraided yarn with metal mesh in tube form, additionally it has selfadhesive layer.
  • GRA tape is braided from graphite yarn in rectangular profile with hole inside, optionally can has adhesive layer.

Areas of applications

The HTR tape is a versatile material for static applications. It has excellent temperature resistance and can be used with a wide range of media, both for alkalis and acids. A special tape with metal mesh is designed for higher pressure and for middle and small diameters flange seals, when the tape must be installed with more turn. The tape conform perfectly to any dimension and shape and allows to montage instant seals directly on installation without any delay connected with preparing a special sized gasket.

Packaging, range of sizes

The HTR tape is delivered on spools in carton box with weight around 2 kgs, could be delivered on a bigger spool 25 kgs too, if the length is required. The tape are packaging in summary carton with 8 spools, this is around 16 kgs of tape net.

Range of sizes and length for HTR/GRA types:

  • 10 x 3 mm length 48 m on spool around 2 kgs
  • 14 x 3 mm length 34 m on spool around 2 kgs
  • 14 x 5 mm length 20 m on spool around 2 kgs
  • 20 x 4 mm length 17 m on spool around 2 kgs
  • 20 x 5 mm length 14 m on spool around 2 kgs
  • 28 x 5 mm length 10 m on spool around 2 kgs
  • 40 x 5 mm length 7 m on spool around 2 kgs
  • 56 x 3 mm length 8,5 m on spool around 2 kgs

Technical material data

Temperature range-200°C up to +900°C in non oxidising conditions, +550°C in stem, +450°C for oxidising media
Maximal pressure200 bars (notice: it depends of gasket shape)
Recommended stressmin. 15 N/mm2 , max. 100 N/mm2
Tensile strength4.5 MPa for IGP and 8 MPa for HTR
Chemical resistance pH range0-14 with exception of strong oxidisers
m and y factorsm=2 and y=15 N/mm2
Compressibility35-40% according to ASTM F36A-66
Recoveryminimal 30% ASTM F36