Texturized Fibreglass Insulation Cloth

Texturized Fibreglass Insulation Cloth

The special fibreglass for medium temperature application is produced from a mixture of quartz sand, pure alumina with the addition of alkali oxides. Appropriately selected chemical composition and additional surface preparation protect them of hot gases and aggressive chemicals and temperature. For the insulating applications is use special glass fibre with diameter on level 8 - 13 μm, with low thermal conductance and the low coefficient of heat accumulation. At the next stage the fibreglass roving is formed by texturing and twisting process to bushy insulation ST yarns with various sizes, from 480 up to 5000 tex. The textured yarns have 2-times lower density and 3-times better isolation property than standard glass roving and are the base of all size of insulation cloth.

Properties and advantages

Among the most important properties of fibreglass of ST glass cloth are following:

  • The stability at medium temperatures and the high resistance of thermal shocks.
  • The low thermal conductance and the low coefficient of heat accumulation.
  • The extreme high mechanical strength, and resistance of abrasive media.
  • The high resistance of most chemicals, hot gases and of biological decay process.
  • As the product of molten sand is environment friendly and can be recycled.

The insulations made of fibreglass are known for several dozen years and they are still intensively modernised. This material gives high strength, resistivity, low cost and good electrical and thermal insulation properties.

Sizes and kind of packaging

There are varies thicknesses of cloth from 0.8mm up to 3.0mm with standard width 1 meter. The maximal width can be 2 meters with maximal length 100m. The cloth is supply in roll with standard length 30 or 50 meters in carton box.

Areas of application

The first of all, the ST 550 cloth are use as thermal insulating and protective material, especially as a substitute and equivalent of previously used asbestos cloth and blanket. Energy production, metallurgy and other kind of industry are the domain of applications this material. It is use it in isolations of blocks, industrial furnaces, heavy machinery as lining, shields, varies kind of pads.

Glass cloth in coated versions

The ST 550 cloth can have a coated surface for modifying its physical characteristics.

ST 550 Alu – This is cloth with plain weave and coated with reflective aluminium foil. This material has the high reflective coefficient, over 85% for IR radiation and can be protection shield for welding. The working temperature no more then 400°C.

ST 550 Sil – This is cloth with plain weave and coated with silicone elastomer in red colour. This material is gas-tight and very elastic and can protect of liquid metal splash and sparks. The maximal continuous working temperature 250°C.

Main properties of texturised fibreglass cloth

Property / TypeUnit0.8/1x50m1.0/1x50m1.5/1x50m2.0/1x50m3.0/1x50m
Weightg/m2650 ±50800 ±601000 ±701300 ±851800 ±110
Yarn warptex480480100017003000
Yarn wefttex480860100010003000
Thermal conductivity λ at 23°CW/mK0.
Tensile strength (warp direct)MPa4040404040
Length of rollm5050503030