Isostatic Graphite for Metallurgy

Isostatic Graphite for Metallurgy

Product overview

The medium heard fine grain graphite IEG-45 with isostatic properties is a material that can be easy machined to precise tolerances and a fine surface finish. It is characterised by high temperature resistance, moderate porosity and low thermal expansion. These parameters making it ideal for metal casting and metallurgy applications also guarantee economical process.

Cold isostatic pressing

To get the isostatic properties in graphite IEG is needed the special cold isostatic pressing (CIP). It uses fluid as a means of applying pressure to the mould at room temperature. It is the process by which fluid medium especially liquid is preferred as a working medium. It is helpful in distributing pressure uniformly over the compaction material contained in a rubber bag. After this process the graphite material gets rid of anisotropy in some direct.

Typical propertyTest standardsUnitIEG-45
Bulk densityASTM C838-96g/cm31,82
PorosityASTM C559-90%18
Flexural strengthASTM C651MPa34
Compressive strengthASTM C695MPa70
Young moduleASTM C469-94GPa12
Shore D hardnessscale DSHD48
Specific resistance S.R.E.ASTM C611-69μΩm11
Thermal conductivityASTM E1225-9W/mK115
Coefficient CTE at 100°CASTM E228-1110-6/K3,5
Purity, carbon contentASTM C561-91%99,9
Standard block sizes-mm490 x 180 x 305

Field of applications

Continuous casting dies for bras and bronze, tools for sintering process, high temperature accessories for foundry, tools and moulds for precious metals.