Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber boards are manufactured in a wet vacuum forming process by blending the chopped ceramic fiber with inorganic or organic binders.

Ceramic fiber boards feature low thermal conductivity, high thermal stability and excellent thermal shock resistance.

The classification temperature range, from 1140°C to 1540°C, working temperature up to 1400°C, density (kg/m3): 300-350.


  • Low heat storage
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Resistant to hot gas erosion
  • Resists most chemical attacks
  • Easy to cut, handle and install
  • Resists penetration by molten aluminium and other non-ferrous metals
  • Azbestos free


  • Refractory lining for industrial furnaces in walls, roofs, doors, etc
  • Combustion chambers liners, boilers and heaters
  • Back-up insulation for brick and monolithic refractories
  • Transfer of molten aluminium and other non-ferrous metals
  • Barrier against flame or heat
  • Hot face layer for high velocity or abrasive furnace atmosphere