Ceramic Fiber Module

Ceramic Fiber Module

Ceramic fiber module is a new type of refractory furnace lining products aiming at simplifying and speeding up furnace construction and improving the integrity of furnace lining.

Ceramic fiber module has excellent refractory and insulating effect. Ceramic fiber module has excellent features including fast and easy installation, lower heat storage and saving fuel costs.

Ceramic fiber module has improved the refractory and insulating integrity of furnace and improved furnace construction process.

Ceramic fiber module's typical applications:

- Ceramic fiber module for ceramic industry

  • Low mass kiln cars
  • Continuous and batch kilns
  • Door linings
  • Glazing, porcelain furnace linings

- Ceramic fiber module for power generation

  • Duct lining
  • Heat recovery
  • Steam system
  • Boiler insulation

- Ceramic fiber module for steel industry

  • Ladle pre-heaters and covers
  • Heat treat furnace
  • Heaters and reformer lining

- Ceramic fiber module for other applications

  • Incineration equipment
  • Burner blocks
  • Induction furnace covers
  • Glass tempering furnace

The classification temperature ranging, from 1140°C to 1430°C, working temperature up to 1350°C, density (kg/m3): 200-220.